Why “New Year, New Me” is a Flawed Motto

Ashli Alexander

At this time of year, everyone has made New Year’s Resolutions and is setting goals for what they hope to achieve during 2019. While setting new goals is an excellent thing to do, living off of the motto “New Year, New Me” is not as healthy as it is thought to be. Here’s why:

“New Year, New Me” traditionally means that someone would like to restructure themselves and their mindsets entirely for the new year. Even if there are certain aspects of your life that you would like to change, do not try to transform your entire life. Changing so many things at one time can be stressful and make you feel like a failure if you do not succeed at one particular goal. This is mentally and physically unhealthy. Plus, with trying to change so many aspects of your life at once, you may not actually achieve any goals because of the overwhelming task you’ve assigned yourself. Instead, here are some ways to think optimistically about the new year in a healthy way and make positive changes:

  • Make a list. Write out a list of short-term and long-term goals. Some of these goals can be achieved within the next month, while others can be year-long goals.

  • Be realistic. Make sure that your goals are achievable. Do not try to set goals that may be impossible.

  • Hold yourself accountable. Check-in with yourself to make sure that you are on track for success!

  • Reward yourself. If you achieve a goal, whether it be early or on-time, don’t hesitate to treat yourself! You’re doing amazing, sweetie.

  • Have fun! Don’t become so consumed with your goals for the year that you forget to enjoy life. I promise that your to-do list will still be there tomorrow.

For 2019, let’s try using the phrase “New Year, Improved Me” because this year is all about trying to do things to better ourselves and our mental health. Don’t let Vanderbilt or this world discourage you. I wish everyone a blessed and wonderful 2019 full of achievements and Black Excellence!

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