Water Friendly Spring & Summer Protective Styles

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Princess Mazagwu

With spring/summer coming up, you may be on the lookout for your next favorite protective style. Well, look no further! To get you inspired, here’s a list of some of BVU’s favorite hairstyles for the summer and springtime.

Feeder Style Braids

If you don’t want something too heavy but still want the length and braided look, these are definitely a go-to! These water-friendly braids are perfect for the hot summer weather!

Box Braids

Box braids are a versatile, easy to manage choice, and my personal favorite. I love playing around with bold colors or a mix of them. Yes, they take forever to do. However, if you don’t want to be stuck in a chair for as long, you can always go for a medium/jumbo style.

I used to always go out and pay for my box braids, but now I tend to do them on my own. Here’s a tutorial you can follow if you're interested in doing your own box braids!

Faux Locs

While I personally have not tried faux locs, but I love the look of them! You can choose to make them long or short - straight or curly, whatever suits your style. Switch it up by adding in some color!

Passion Twists

I had never really heard much about passion twists until recently. This beautiful style is a perfect light-weight option that I’ll definitely have to try sometime! Michaela, pictured to the right above did the passion twists pictured along with her. Be sure to reach out to her if you need some done!

Senegalese Twists

This is another style I love combining different colors to create. This style is easy to manipulate and so much easier to undo afterward than box braids! Here’s a tutorial to learn how to do your own Senegalese twists.

Curly Styles

Crochet hair: This is one of my favorite styles for hot weather. I usually go for a shorter look because it’s easier to maintain any frizz that way. Brands like Freetress provide great options that can last a while with care.

Wigs: During warming months, I’m a fan of shorter-style wigs if I wear them at all. Curly wigs can make for a cute summer look!

Natural: You can definitely wear your hair out and keep it protected with some good old TLC. I love wearing my hair out during warmer months.

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