Spooky Season Scavenger Hunt (Prizes!)

New Dawn stans Spooky Season, and in hopes of summoning your inner spirit, we created a pretty awesome virtual scavenger hunt. The first person to follow the steps below will win tickets to the Escape Room Nashville to Trick or Treat yo self!

Step 1. Follow Us on instagram @

Step 2. Complete these #SpookySeason riddles in the correct order and email. maia.thornton@vanderbilt.edu your answers

Hint: Search our website articles from both October issues for orange highlighted words.

  1. Down, down my wretched soul falls. Never dying, never sleeping, I lie awake, trapped in the remembrance of my last breath as shaken as that horrible _____.

  2. There was a woman who was known to weep. She wore no clothes and had no name. I never saw her save in my _____. And when my screams did fill the halls, she went on weeping all the same.

  3. I am cursed. A demon with pleated furt, goat’s hooves, and ram’s horns follows me everywhere. I see him everyday. But one day I realized with absolute horror, I only see the demon when I looked in the ____.

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