To Water with Love from a Lonely, Loving Flame

Garvey Gregor

To Water with Love from a Lonely, Loving Flame

Garvey Gregor

You know

I burnt a book once on keeping it cool,

I still can’t when I think of you.

I seen you out there singing up a storm,

It’s stunning.

Such soothing serenades every time sky sends you

What shame we hardly harmonize

But last night, I felt you in the air

And I know I’ve never been more calm

And I got to wondering where I could find you next.

Wonder if I lit the way

If you would find me

Know that I would flicker a million flames

Just to see you twinkle in the moonlight,

Just to bask and blaze in your ever-essence.

Last night,

I felt you in the air

And for a fleeting second

I swore I could hold you

And it got me wondering,

What steam we’d make

If you’d wet my embers.

What heights we’d reach.

Got me wondering if could kiss you

Like the shore does

Wonder if the rocks know how lucky they are to be crashed into

Wonder if I’m warm enough

Wonder if you ever see how bright I yearn for you

Wonder if you got smoke signals I sent you

Wonder what a quenched thirst feels like

If it feels like a world more than ashes

Wonder if you could unteach the sting and singe

Wonder if I’d just burn you too

Wonder if I’d keep wondering.


Garvey Gregory

Fault lines lie in my ligaments

You leave quakes in me

made space in me

sketched yourself into subconscious

and eyelid backs

and backs of hands

to hold yours

and you.

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