To the Version of Me that Hid from the Sun

Kamaria Wilson

You’re sinking.

Into the shadows 

That only 

Fragment the radiance 

That God so gently placed upon Your


Eclipsing the very Essence 

That is your being. 


What may 

You protect yourself 

From its Golden Rays

Just at the thought of being ‘okay.’

But is your being okay? 

You’re hiding.

While the other kids play.

So unapologetically 

they frolic through all the days 

but in the shade,

you’d rather stay.

But I say,

She loves you,

When that little boy don’t. 

She feeds you,

When your own mama won’t.

And she’ll never say

That something so natural

So beautiful

Isn’t worth putting on display. 

Even when your grandmother say

That your lightskin cousin 

Looks so pretty today

And “Don’t be out in that Sun all day.”

Her ways,

Are a reflection of 

what she’s seen 

In her many a days.

And if you obey, 

you might just be okay

But she’s stealing your joy.

So you stay. 

And you play. 

Because the Sun’s golden rays

only magnify 

God’s glorious ways.

It ends today. 

And maybe one day

Your daughter 

and your daughter’s daughter

Will be more than okay.

So to the version of me 

that hid from the Sun’s rays:

Absorb her light, 

And become it.

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