The Fire of ‘19

By JJ Johnson

Its burns passionately keeping the two of us warm:

Each flame cracklin with laughter, awes,

Smiling with streaks of pink and red.

Sparks rise high to the sky, the wind carrying it to the future.

The light emitted from the flame illuminated her throughout the night;

I watch over her as she sleeps gracefully by it every night.

Recently no crackling

Just silence

Just dim flames

Just smoke, which goes into her eyes

Making her choke and tear up in the middle of the night

the water trickles down her soft face

and hits hard against the wood,

With a little hiss to break the awkward silence.

Killing the light

i reach into the fire to get the embers streaking again

i gripped a scorching log trying to get a hold of the situation

i pulled back after a few seconds,

dropping the log

causing the wooden structure to crash

Her tears extinguished the flames

Just a little light from the embers that remain

She tries to sleep

tossing and turning in the cold dark

Her body trembling from fear and the cold fronts invading

i sit there staring at my seared hand,

At the damage i did

i tried to reach out to comfort her,

Each time pulling back with a flash of pain

When i stretch my hand,

i feel nothing but the blisters piercing

I Failed.

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