The Fall

Poetry by JaHyne Johnson

It comes…I see it

bend the trees in the distance…

The music slowly is drowned

out by the growing whoosh headed

right towards me…

I close my eyes.

As i open them

the world is spinning round

and round-

A glimpse

of smiles and laughter on my friends’ face

A glimpse

of my mother holding a frown…

My body finally comes to rest.

I look around

and see every stage of brown,

from caramel to coffee. nobody

was safe from death …

in the shadows of the ground

everyone cries for help as worms crawl

on top of them and eat away

bits and pieces of their shapes.

Some are fortunate enough

to starve or suffocate

to death and

shrivel up and turn grey…

I look up and see people dancing celebrating another day in paradise

The birds are singing;

The fruits are bright and juicy.

Jealousy and anger take over me as I lay with rotten cores and bones.

I open my eyes.

The music fades back in as the gust passes;

I begin to rake up the leaves.

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