The Egoist

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Poetry by Princess Mazagwu

The Egoist slinks around at night

when they think no one is watching

When they think they don’t have eyes on them

they don’t proceed with caution

They hoard and take and trash and break

a fight to rule by fear

But how many can they rule, pray tell

when so few will come near?

For the Egoist can never find

steadfast satisfaction

Ever bored and bent with ill-intent

they elicit pained reactions

Ingratitude is a plague

that makes them unable to give

But when there’s nothing left to take

what reason left is there to live?

Inspired by the following quote by Andre Comte-Sponville, Professor of philosophy at the Sorbonne (France):

“Aware only of his own satisfactions and his own happiness, hoarding them as a miser hoards his coin . . the egoist cannot be grateful. Ingratitude is not the incapacity to receive but the inability to give back--in the form of joy or love--a little of the joy that was received or experienced. This is why ingratitude is so pervasive a vice. [Ungrateful people] absorb joy as others absorb light, for egoism is a black hole."

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