Stolen by the Blue Sea

Jordan Balkcom

The pounding of the creature’s heavy feet echoed through the night. Though he was fighting against wind, his mane did not give as he drove on. In that moment, it looked almost as if the sun and moon had become distracted and left him frozen in time. Almost, if not for the sorrowful notes that escaped his lips. He sang and his hide, slick and spiraling in a myriad of deep, earthy hues, began to dance in the moonlight. His body was the night, and stars whirled and twinkled over it as the sky above him wept. He barreled on for a few more steps, still shining in the soft glow of the moon. Finally, in a thunderous crescendo, the creature fell. “Please, stop…” he whispered, with bloodshot eyes that wandered but got lost in the depths of a dark blue sea. The sea crashed in, pulling him under and slashing at his body as he struggled to find the light again. Again, the creature cried out, and then was quiet. As he lay there unmoving, his massive teeth shrank to small white ones, and his claws contracted into strong hands. His spectacular frame withered into a boyish one, and where there had been fur before was now satin skin. Someone called out “My God, why…”, but the cry was stolen by the blue sea and swallowed by the sky. For a minute, the earth quaked, and the skies roared, until, like the sun, the moon, and the sea, they too forgot him. While the world lulled, the man made his last transformation. His brown body became soil and a garden erupted with flowers in hues of red and blue.

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