Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Poetry by Princess Mazagwu

I once saw a house completely made of ashes

I knew when I saw it

My fate was sealed

But I had no choice

I walked towards the house

Recklessly kicking stones in my path

They turned brittle

Forming granite clouds of dust

As if made of sand

Now up the driveway

I sit on the ash porch

Ringing my ash hands

Counting the minutes go by

I finally hear the distant rumble of an approaching car

Jump from the porch

Not long after it comes to a grinding halt

She steps out

Weary arms beckoning

I run as fast as my legs can carry me

Tears if relief streaming down my cheeks

Trails of moisture through the gray

The sun’s warmth wrapped around me

We turn arm in arm

And walk home together

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