Senior Year, Best Year

Ashli Alexander

A lot of us seniors are currently at that point where it is officially hitting us that it is our last year here at Vanderbilt. With graduate and medical school applications, career fairs, and job applications looming, we are being forced to prepare for what we believe will be the rest of our lives. Honestly, with all of this pressure, it is extremely easy to become swallowed up in planning for the future and forget to enjoy each and every moment of senior year. Here are some important things to focus on during this last year besides, of course, graduation.

Make Memories

You will definitely experience many “lasts.” Whether it be the last first day of school, last Quake, or last Rand bowl, be sure to take it all in and enjoy it. These are moments that you may never get back, so be sure to take photos of everything so that you can reflect back on those moments in your old age. Take pictures with your friends, too, especially during those times that you laugh so hard that you cry. One day, we will turn into our relatives and tell the same college stories over and over again, and you will truly want photos to show as proof.

Take Some Risks

Now, don’t take insane risks, but live a little bit your senior year! Go to a concert on a Tuesday night. Make plans with that person who lived on your hall freshman year that you always smile at but don’t actually speak to anymore. Perform in a cultural showcase. Audition for that group whose shows you always attend. Do something exciting because if you embarrass yourself, the odds of you seeing any of these people again after graduation is pretty slim.

Still Study

Even though it is your last year at Vanderbilt, don’t perform poorly in your classes or get senioritis too soon. You definitely do not want to negatively affect your GPA during your senior year. Make a schedule and still get your work completed. But at the same time, do not stress over your academics to the point that you forget to enjoy your senior year. After all, college is supposed to be the best four years of our lives.

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