SB’s Top Ten Picks: What NOT to Wear for Halloween

By Sarah Beth Huntley

With Halloween just around the corner, many people are putting together their looks for the weekend. Maybe you already have your costumes ready to go. However, before you get dressed and go off into the world, I’d like to provide you with my top ten picks for costumes you probably (or DEFINITELY) should not wear this Halloween. Some of these might go without saying, while others are a bit more niche. Also, not all of them are necessarily problematic, though many of them are, and are simply just weird (in my opinion).

As these lists always go, they are my PERSONAL opinions (at least for the non-problematic options), so don’t be too offended if I have a costume you plan on wearing on this list. This list is also not in any specific numerical order as I find all of them disturbing and could not be able to fathom which is worse than the other.

1. Any ethnic Disney Princess if you are not of that ethnic group

At this point, we should all know that cultural appropriation is not okay. Seriously, you should definitely be informed on whether or not your costume choice is culturally appropriate. While focusing on Disney Princesses, as many people like to dress as them or as sexy variations of them, I also just want to address cultural appropriation as a whole. You should not be dressing as Moana or Pocahontas if you are not of that ethnic group, period.

This goes for any costume dealing with specific cultures, such as any Native American costumes and ESPECIALLY blackface. If you have to think to yourself “Is this alright?” that should already tell you that it’s probably not. Besides, if you wanna be a Disney princess that badly, there are plenty of not culturally tied options that would not get you into trouble.

2. Sexual costumes

I haven’t had the displeasure of seeing any of these costumes in my lifetime and I would love for that trend to continue. Anyone who does a couple’s costume along the lines of “plug and socket” should simply stop. I don’t find these costumes funny or cute and it’s not even because of the premise of them for the most part, but just the fact that they look kind of stupid. Can we leave those in the past please?

3. Couples that aren’t actual couples/human and animal duos

And while we’re on the topic of couple’s costumes, this is one that I feel like I shouldn’t need to reiterate, yet I always see someone doing it. Costumes like Sully and Boo from Monsters, Inc. and Shaggy and Scooby-Doo should absolutely NOT be couples’ costumes. If doing these with a friend, go right ahead. However, as COUPLES costumes, these are beyond weird. Basically, any costume for a couple where one of the members is not human is the ultimate red flag and Sully and Boo receive an extra red flag for the fact that Boo is also a LITERAL CHILD. Let’s just leave these costumes to pals, okay?

4. Cops

Another one I feel I shouldn’t have to reiterate. Especially in today’s political climate, dressing as a “sexy cop” is even more problematic than in the past. Out of respect for everyone, I think this should be a costume for the past. I never really enjoyed the idea of this costume in the first place, honestly, but especially now, being seen wearing this would come across as incredibly insensitive to social issues of racism and police brutality.

5. Weird sexy costumes

I know a big trend when it comes to Halloween costumes is taking something more mundane and making it sexy, however, sometimes this goes too far. For example, Sexy Mr. Rogers should not be a thing. Just no. It’s weird and one of just a few examples of costumes that I don’t think need a sexy reboot. I know there is this big fear around wearing something basic, however I think it’s better to go basic than to make something sexy that makes everyone uncomfortable.

6. Political

The past few years have been stressful for us all politically. While some people are just overwhelmed by all the fighting within Congress, others are anxious about decisions being made that could affect their welfare. For these reasons, I think we should have a politics-free Halloween. We can’t escape the drama of politics everyday, so it would be nice to have a breather from it when just going out for a fun night with friends.

7. Sexy animal

There isn’t technically anything wrong with these costumes, these are just more of a personal opinion as they make me uncomfortable. Some animal costumes are cute, but they tend to lean more towards the strange side nine times out of ten. Also, especially when it comes to cat costumes, the ears often look childish and as if they were bought at Claire’s. I just don’t tend to find them cute, personally, but it’s okay if you disagree.

8. Adult Baby

This is another one that just makes me uncomfortable. Whether it’s someone trying to be Cupid or just a baby, I just don’t understand the appeal of this costume. It also tends to be a choice with the intent of making people uncomfortable which, to me, makes it worse. I would just prefer to never see this costume again.

9. Someone mentally ill

This is one that I don’t see very often but always has the possibility of popping back up. It often comes in the form of a mental health patient wearing a straitjacket, and at this point in society I think it’s safe to say that this portrayal of people struggling with their mental health is not cute or a joke, and therefore should not be turned into a costume. This is also another costume that should not be made sexy (such as in the above photo) as there is nothing hot about dealing with one’s mental health. We should all respect each other and people’s personal mental health struggles and put these kinds of costumes to bed.

10. Yourself

This never has been and never will be a legitimate costume. This is the epitome of laziness and you are a simple Google search away from discovering plenty of costumes you can wear that will cost you nothing or very little. But seriously, no one finds this funny; just get a real costume.

This has been another of SB’s Top Ten Picks! I hope you all enjoyed hearing my opinions, and sorry if I missed any other costumes you’d like to see called out. I hope you all have a safe, fun, and inoffensive Halloween weekend!

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