Revitalizing & Empowering Vanderbilt's African-American Male Population

Jalil Mitchell

"REVAMP is a student lead initiative that strives to establish and foster a sense of unity, strength, and love among Black males and to direct it towards uplifting the community at large. It is our goal to support the academic, social, intellectual and spiritual growth of Black male undergraduate and graduate students as well as alumni, at VanderbiltUniversity by maintaining a community of men who will continuously support and encourage one another.”

In America’s society today, there are so many damaging ideas of what it means to be a man,

especially one of color. From pressures that society and even parents put on Black men,

we can grow up with the wrong perceptions about ourselves, leading to negative consequences later in life.

Many times Black students may feel alienated navigating themselves around a PWI. To make

sure that black students stay on campus all it may take is a mentor who is able to give support and advice to other students. If any student, like me, may be or ever may feel imposter syndrome, just seeing other Black students on campus is helpful to encourage younger students throughout their time here.

REVAMP is also making strides to strengthen the bond within black students. To do this they are facilitating a mentee/mentor program with the younger students. This is a great way for younger student to find peers and create relationships. This is also a productive way for older students to give back to younger students who may have similar fears or questions that new students generally have. Overall, this program will help build community within Black Vandy. Every Black man is unique, and REVAMP celebrates what makes us different. Fostering an environment where Black students can feel like they can be themselves is beneficial for each student and this organization is helping to develop the whole person of the students involved.

If you are interested in joining this group, you can reach out to Jordan Lee at

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