rainbow rhythm

after the sculpture by yaacov agam

Daniella Ndubuisi-Ike

in the morning i will come to meet you

like a prayer in the nubian desert

i will take your hand and walk you to freedom

like a savior borne from eternal sunrise

or the dying flames of a sunset

giving birth to night

deep enough

for the star of david

to light the way

although the path to liberty

is white, unwilling

and this is the only sure thing

it is the rhythm that flows

down the nile also

on its banks, black soil lays thick

like the hurt

of generational betrayal,

like the ashes of a lost kingdom

buried deep beneath

distant mountain dunes

carving out the horizon…

i promise you in the

clear caribbean waters from which

bodies emerged during the summertime,

in the teal of an oasis

green enough to quench the thirst

of an entire lineage,

in the blood of my fallen brethren

in the orange flesh of ripe plum

which is in itself hope

that the harvest may for once be fruitful,

in the purple of a desert sky

newly pregnant with a rain

that deeply cleanses,

a rain that heals

i promise you

in the black of a woman’s bent back being broken into for centuries,

that I,

third day resurrection

brown song re-erupting from dusty cavern to make wet

these parched nights

sandy vortex transporting you to long desired safety

to hope

I, ancestral mother disguised as desert trail,

will lead you through

into the land that you have been promised

a land that is finally home.

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