New Beginnings

Alaysha Harden

For the next 10 months or so, things will be the same.

Even within the next few years,

The categories, the subgroups,

created in our minds linked by similarity & familiarity.

The same walk to class, the same buildings,

same room, same type of desks, same type of professors,

The old type, or the strict type, or the corny type,

or the type that tells you “enjoy your weekend”,

while simultaneously giving you a week’s worth of work.

It’ll be the same type of Friday night,

the same parties, same type of kickback.

The same type of Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…

Routine. Same breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

“Firsts” are the exception from everything becoming blended together.

Your memories will not consists of day to day, but one long stretch,

And you’ll stretch yourself thin, disguising it as a challenge or growth

to meet the expectations of the same type of people whose days blend together just like yours.


Whether its a few months or years from now, you’ll realize schedules are needed, not routines.

Routines neglect growth & self love, too fixed to “fix” the beauty of the not-so-perfect life.

Live & live freely in between the moments where structure is needed.

In the end, no one reminisces about the routine blended nights of studying late or rushing for that 8am class, or sleeping in exhausted from stress.

No, you’ll look back on the moments routine shattered under spontaneity.

Moments you did something new or had a “first” type of moment,

Moments you were honest or spoke from your heart,

Moments where you found who you were always meant to be.

Photo by Sapan Patel on Unsplash

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