Hide the Countdown Clocks!

Jade Clarke

So it’s the New Year, and you're trying to make 2019 your best year. But how do you avoid repeating the same mistakes you’ve been making for the past five years? Let’s be honest, creating a new you in a matter of 24 hours is unachievable. However, there are some steps you can take to help ease your transition into the New Year. Especially in college, it can be a reoccurring thought in your head to try and “find yourself” and your passions. We’re all so young and have so many years to become our best selves it’s better to create steps that are achievable to lessen the stress of having to attain our best image and lessen the reality of disappointment. So I’ve compiled a short list of simple steps to help you all make a difference in yourselves this upcoming spring semester to continue into all of 2019. Remember, make sure you are doing this for the validation of you, not the masses.

Get involved: Find a cause you're passionate about and see how you can contribute, whether it's volunteering or making a donation. Notice that a certain topic fires you up or hits you emotionally? Pitch in and make a difference instead of taking a backseat. For example, step up and join that e-board or take a leadership role in some of your favorite organizations.

See it from a different perspective: The next time you're quick to judge, evaluate the situation from a different angle before making any assumptions. Practicing this regularly will help relax that reflex and promote compassion.

Take responsibility: It's easy to make excuses and point the finger, but work on holding yourself more accountable in situations from being late to contributing to a larger issue.

Be thankful: Expressing gratitude is such a simple way to improve yourself. Go even further than a simple "thank you" and reciprocate your appreciation. Your health and relationships will also benefit as a result.

Limit the negativity: Negativity is contagious, but so is the reverse! Rather than feeding into gossip or ranting about your issues, take it upon yourself to spread good vibes instead. It only takes one person to shift the mood of others around them.

Stay current: Educate yourself on what's going on in the world to prevent seeming ignorance or tone-deafness. Ignorance is bliss, but are you really blissful or are you afraid to know the truth? Staying on top of current issues will widen your perspective and make you more aware of certain groups, cultures, issues, etc.

There are three C’s in life: choices, chances and change. “You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change” (Unknown) If you happen to stumble along the way, don’t fret! It won’t take much to get back on track, and we have so many years to perfect ourselves. So hide your countdown clocks and pick up the slack you’ve been giving yourself.

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