Frozen Throne

Poetry By JJ Johnson

“ ‘Behold the frozen throne

Are you prepared for his the King’s return?’

A drunk man slurred out of his mouth.

I had so many questions





But all I could say was

‘Huh?’ ”

When I wrote these words

2 people appeared:

A man and a woman.

-Could tell they were not native-

They started conversation:

“Any new updates about centennial we should know about?”

I don’t know. I have been so lost in my studies I am unaware of whats happening outside

I lied…. told them Im a transfer and have no clue.

But they were honest.

These 2 strangers filled in their silhouettes with different colors:

matrimony, evangelist, turkey hunters, florists.

Conversation ended.

“Can we pray over you?” They asked.

“Yes… for strength” I Said.

This led to a conversation about God,

My relationship with him,

My Journey to find him.

They left.

I tried to work

but I had so many questions…

All I could say was


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