Don't Tell Me

Jaime Fisher

Don’t tell me you’re in love with me

Because then I’ll have to tell you how I love you too

How I’ve always loved you

How I write poetry about you

How I wrote this poem about you

I’m not ready to confess to imagining a future together

I’m not ready to admit I’ve been praying for something just like this

I’m sorry I’m not brave enough to tell you the truth that’s been living inside of me ever since we first locked eyes

I can’t just say that our souls were one before the dust turned to stars and the stars turned to ash and the ash turned to diamonds

That I’ve known you longer than the universe has known herself

That we were always meant to find each other even though we weren’t looking

Because that would mean that you would know that everything is better with you

And then maybe you’d change your mind

Maybe you’d remember all the tears and the darkness

And you’d decide you want better for yourself

But I will not blame you for not holding my tongue

Because I think I would’ve told you eventually anyway

And I think you might already know

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