Dear "Long Distance"

Dear Miss Dawn,

How do you deal with being in a long distance relationship and showing them that you care? I get so busy with school work and my life at Vandy that sometimes I feel like I am not giving them enough attention. How can one be a good boyfriend/girlfriend from so far away?

--Long Distance

Dear Long Distance,

To be a caring significant other, you need to be in touch with your partners’ needs. Determine their love language, and do your best to fulfill that for them from afar. Does your partner value words of affirmation? Send an ‘I love you’ text! Does your partner like to receive gifts? Surprise them by ordering them their favorite meal on UberEats! Physical touch, quality time, and acts of service are admittedly much more difficult to handle when you’re long-distance, but spend as much time talking to your partner as you can, whether it be through text, on the phone, or on FaceTime.

Don’t feel bad when you get busy with school work; your partner should understand that sometimes, life just happens!

--Miss Dawn

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