Creepy Pastas- an internet horror story collection

Alaysha Harden

Creepypastas are scary stories written online and often narrated in video intended to scare readers and listeners. The stories appear in forums, blogs, and other social media platforms across the internet. Often anonymously, the stories are meant to be reposted several times. In video form, the stories can be anywhere between 2 minutes to an hour long. Some famous creepypastas include “Squiward’s Suicide”, “Jeff The Killer”, “Candle Cove”, and “Slenderman”. The Slenderman story in particular became the story that brought Creepypastas from the dark web to mainstream media after a 12 year old girl was stabbed by two of her friends after they became obsessed with impressing the fictitious character.

Check out some short Creepypastas below to get a feel for the genre.

“Warnings” by Plague

“Always Look Behind You” by Light Rowe

“Not All Of Us Snap” by IPostAtMidnight

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