Campus Stylists You'll Love, Pt. 1: Jayla

Jayla Gillis | she, her, hers

Jayla, a sophomore currently majoring in Medicine, Health, & Society with a Women’s & Gender Studies minor, is from right outside Atlanta, Georgia. Back home, she lives with her two parents, her dog, and her older brother who is in the Navy. At Vanderbilt, she is accompanied by her two best friends that she has known and attended school with since the third grade. She swims for the club team at Vanderbilt and is also a lifeguard at the recreational center. She is the ultimate foodie who loves shopping, watching movies, and sports.

Jayla has been doing hair since her junior year of high school and she is continuing to perfect new styles such as knotless braids and feed-in braids.

She specialized in:

Faux locs, Passion Twists, or Marley Twists

Short- $80, Medium- $90, long- $100

Box or Triangle part braids

Short- $60, Medium- $70, Long- $80

Cornrows without added hair


Twits without added hair


For any inquiries or questions, you can contact Jayla through her hair page on instagram- @jay.jmg_hair or through GroupMe.

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