Black-Owned Restaurants in Nashville

Ashli Alexander

In honor of Black History Month, this article features some Black-owned restaurants here in Nashville. All of them have delicious food that is definitely worth a try. It’s so incredibly important to support Black restaurants, especially here in Nashville.


Swett’s was founded in 1954 by David Swett and is located about seven minutes away from campus on Clifton Avenue. Swett’s serves soul food in a cafeteria style, and it’s amazing. The candied yams are my favorite side. Definitely try them when you visit Swett’s!

Slim & Husky’s

This restaurant allows you to create your own pizza with as many toppings as your heart desires. The name of the restaurant originates from the story of the three founders; one of them was always considered a “slim guy,” while the other two men could only shop in the “husky” section as children. As a result, the name stuck! There are two Slim & Husky’s locations in Nashville, but the one at 911 Buchanan Street has cinnamon rolls, which are really good. Don’t forget $10 Tuesdays, too!

Helen’s Hot Chicken

Helen’s originally started out in a trailer on the side of the road in Nashville. After many sales and increased demand and popularity, Helen’s finally got its first stand-alone location! Today, Helen’s has five locations in Tennessee, one in Texas, and soon a location in Atlanta. The closest location to campus is on Jefferson Street about seven minutes away from campus. They’re also on Uber Eats if you aren’t able to visit in person!

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