Black Artist Feature: Rayna Easley

Rayna is a sophomore majoring in Human & Organizational Development with a minor in Environmental & Sustainability Studies. She has always had a love for photography, especially nature photography because each moment she captures is incredibly unique. “Sunrises and sunsets change from day to day, so getting a good picture is super satisfying. Besides the sky, I am inspired by the symmetry of architecture and cityscapes, as well as capturing different perspectives of everyday sight," Rayna explains.

When it comes to the phrase “New Beginnings," Rayna asserts that at any stage in life, there are opportunities to start over and make changes based on past experiences. When she first came to Vanderbilt, her new beginning included learned how to live with another person, make real friends, study, and how to advocate for herself. To incoming first years, she explains that it’s okay to not know what you’re doing. This chapter of your life is new and it will take time to adjust. It’s important to reach out to friends and campus resources to ensure you are comfortable in this new environment. College is more than just classes, grades, and parties; It’s a time to discover who you are.

“Be open to trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone, because that's how you make some of the best memories and grow as an individual”- Rayna Easley

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