Black Artist Feature: Princess Mazagwu

Princess is a junior from Dallas, Texas majoring in Computer Science with a Business minor. In her free time, she does freelance graphic design and works as a design intern for Vanderbilt’s publishing company. Her love for drawing started in childhood and has become an integral part in her adult life. In addition to drawing and graphic design, Princess also enjoys writing and singing.

The following pieces exemplify Princess’ love for audiovisual art forms. Audiovisual art utilizes two strong senses- sight and sound- for its audience. Princess created these two pieces in a collection inspired by Kid Cudi’s song “Soundtrack 2 My Life”. In the collection, each piece has a corresponding song for the audience to listen to as they view the art. “The Element of Freedom” piece was inspired by Alicia Keys’ album.

"The Element of Freedom"

“Rise Up” was inspired by an Andra Day song of the same name and the poem “And Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou. This collection itself represented a new beginning in Princess’ life as she shared parts of her life through the pieces that had yet to be uncovered and explored by others.

"Rise Up"

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