Black Artist Feature: Cyan Baker

Cyan is a senior from Chicago majoring in Civil Engineering with an Engineering Management minor. She has been passionate about art since high school and works on various surfaces such as skateboards, wood, canvas, and wheelbarrows. In addition to being an artist, she is also a photographer, DJ, and competitive bowler. On campus, she is a photographer for the Digital Media Club, formerly a part of Dr. Noble’s Complete Capture group. She has also served as the head of photography and videography for Vanderbilt Public Relations Society for the past 3 years. Outside of academics and art, Cyan enjoys giving back to the community; she is currently working with the Global OACs office to potentially create a 2021 Global OACs service trip to Christchurch, New Zealand.

For Cyan, art provides an outlet to process events in her life and express herself. This year, Cyan will be featured in the new Black Vanderbilt Artists exhibit in the Black Cultural Center mid-October to mid-November. Her pieces will be available for purchase. She can also be contacted for commissions catered to your interests. She has a few commissioned pieces around campus such as the infamous blue vans with flowers or the NPHC paintings.

By Cyan Baker
“Chicago Candyland” acrylic on canvas

The piece features some of the most famous candies created in Chicago with a view of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan.

By Cyan Baker
“Lincoln Park Structure” acrylic on canvas

By Cyan Baker
“Rock My World” acrylic on wood

The piece was created as an initiative for Cyan’s skateboard design youth program in Christchurch, New Zealand in response to a project for her community service focused class while studying abroad at the University of Canterbury. The program’s focus was to support youth affected by life-changing events, such as the 2011 earthquake that took the lives of many Christchurch residents or the 2019 mosque shooting.

The skateboard design features quotes from two citizens who shared their stories with Cyan recounting the day of the 2011 earthquake.

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