An Apology

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Jordan Baines

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

I thought you were nothing more than an enemy lurking in the dark that robbed me of any chance at life before my life even began

I was nothing more than a few cells vulnerable to the wills of the body and you coded me with this dark skin that I could never wash away no matter how much soap I used, no matter how hard I scrubbed and believe me, I scrubbed hard

Like death you were lurking in the shadows only my death wouldn’t happen so quickly.

It would happen every time someone looked at me and pointed. It would happen every time my hair got wet at a friend’s pool party and I had to try to control this dark cloud of hair above me.

It would happen every time someone looked at me and was shocked that I could speak proper English. (I even heard that from people who look like me)

It would happen every time I watched tv and never saw a girl who looked like me fall in love and have this fairytale romance.

Then one day I looked around and saw these chains and I cried. They did not bind me to self-pity, shame and hard-to-manage hair. They linked me to a history and a culture that I had tried too hard to ignore.

I thought you marked me for a slow painful death from the beginning. But now I realize that I have been inducted into this great society that is constantly underestimated and pushed aside. We may have footprints on our backs but that just forms a trail to righteousness because the meek shall inherit the earth.

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