A Young Boy’s Dream

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Cortez Johnson

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

A boy doesn’t always love his skin

Some nights he drifts to sleep

And dreams of a world that has never been

He wishes he could say that he imagines a world

That embraces his dark skin

He doesn’t

Instead he conjures a place where he would never cry again

His laugh is brighter

His hair is straighter

His burden lighter.

He dreams of world where he is whiter.

He runs wild in the meadows

He skips in the streets

He tumbles in the classroom

Sings higher than a swallow

Confidently, he doesn’t miss a single beat.

He loves openly. Unabashedly. Fearlessly.

In my youth, I thought I was the problem.

That my skin was wrong.

That my body was ugly

That my love was dirty.

In my youth, I didn’t always love my skin.

If I’m honest, I still don’t

But I’m thankful that today

In my dreams a boy doesn’t change for the world.

The world changes for a boy.

Because he’s worth it.

Because I’m worth it.

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