"20 Minutes To Go" & love poems

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

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20 Minutes to Go

Miquéla Thornton

I watched as my mother dipped the comb into the fire

The bronze color engulfed in the cerulean blue flames

Curls calmed, coils straight she desired

Hot comb to roots tediously until each tendril tamed

My hair must be neat

I sat on phone books atop the tallest chair

In her hands, the combs and brushes went wild

Evanescing each entwine, perm to my hair

For straight is synonymous with neat, tidy and styled

My hair must be neat

I confess that maybe it burned

Behind my ears maybe it scarred

Despite that, I quickly learned

That straight wasn’t so hard

My hair must be neat

I didn’t have to break my brushes to detangle

I didn’t have to lay gel down my hair pulled back

I didn’t have to use curls to manipulate and mangle

I didn’t have to deal with another part of being Black

My hair must be neat

20 minutes to go Hair resembles a mop plunged into water

Arranged in a messy, lopsided afro

Not the hair of my mother’s daughter

My hair must be neat

10 minutes to go

I broke yet another brush

I took off 10 bristles in a row

Handle snapped clean off in a rush

My hair must be neat

5 minutes to go

Just to put it in a “ponytail”

Can’t go out looking “ghetto”

Because then my mother failed

My hair must be neat

3 minutes to go

Comb, pull, yank, curls go from thick to thin

I’m confident, even pretty, from the roots it flows

Mom says, “It looks as if cats sucked on the ends”

My hair must be neat

2 minutes to go

It looks like cats clawed through the mats

So I swallow my pride and tie it back with a bow

Fabric so pretty next to the ugly tangles and naps

My hair must be neat

1 minute to go

I quickly snatch a hat and my backpack

I hear the horn, the bus is close

Yet no hat is big enough for hair that’s Black


Miquéla Thornton

You’ve got stars in your eyes

Shining jewels in your irises

I fail to divine why

Yet you allure me in

Constellations lining the creases

Lashes luminescent, linear like Orion’s Belt

I stare and assemble the pieces

And wipe the solitary tears that spilled

Zodiacs in your eyes, spiraling in pattern

So perfect, as if Galileo mapped them himself

Circling the pupils like the rings of Saturn

Outshining bruises around them, scratches, welts

Iris, a burnette umber: quartz

Sclera, a white ivory: pearls

Pupil, an inky ebony: onyx

Gorgeous eyes with lashes curled

Those eyes keep deep secrets

Stories they’ve yet to tell me

I can’t help that I stare at them frequent

Enchanting, mesmerizing, entrancingly

You’ve got stars in your eyes

Nothing seems to dull them

Nothing can ever undermine

The constellations conjured of gems

I Can’t Read Notes (Take 4)

Miquéla Thornton

I lay on the carpet floor

Belly down, feet swinging in the air

I get up, go to sit next to you, I adore

Two people, four legs close in the chair

Ti adoro

You play a song by a composer, Italian

Maybe French, I wasn’t taking in each word

Too focused on the way your lips moved… maybe German

As your words reached my ears, I think Italian I heard

Ti adoro

Foot tapping, keeping a steady beat

As the pendulum swings

Fingers keeping a steady rhythm meet

Keys as I watch your hands sing

Ti adoro

Fingers making love to the ivories

The notes climax at the crescendo

Like secrets written in pages of a diary

The notes speak a language I don’t know

Voglio te

The language of the melodies

Beautiful notes stain your fingertips

Seconds after you pause, the note still rings

Just as a kiss lingers on lips

Voglio te

My lipstick, a vivid, bright red

My signature upon your cheek

I wonder what those notes said

That made my knees go weak

Voglio te

Your fingers work back and forth

Tempo jolting from fast to slow absent warning

Your musical compass at a constant north

Owning the song you’re performing

Mi piaci

My heart can’t seem to remain still

As I watch your fingers dance

Lips parted, breath steady until

I find myself falling into our romance

Mi piaci

Heartbeat speeds up to match the tempo

Banging against my fragile ribcage to the beat

Begging to break out to enjoy the show

I silence her, as it is not her time to speak

Mi piaci

You halt suddenly and turn to the one you adore

Your eyes search mine like a map to a treasure

A straight path from my heart to yours

Faces just inches apart, measured

Ti amo

My heart glitches as the rapid beat tries to slow

Breath hitches as your song ends on cue

Hand switches as the shaking fails to go

Sentences without finishes, as I whisper, I love you


Miquéla Thornton

I wish I could take a journey through your mind

I wish I could explore your dreams as mine

I wish I could drink your thoughts like wine

I wish I could fall and escape time

Looking at you

Thinking of you

Knowing you

Adoring you

I wish I could make dollars of your dimes

I wish I could make happiness from your cries

I wish I could make all of your bad thoughts kind

I wish I could make our stars align

I wish I could make all of your fears resign

I wish there was a cure I could find

I wish I could take a journey through your mind

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