13 Two-Sentence Horror Stories

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Alaysha Harden

Most of life’s scariest moments will not span over hours; it will be short, small moments that shake you to your core. The concept of “two sentence horror stories” captures the essence of how intense fear and contemplation can come from singular moments.

1. A little boy stands at the foot of my bed telling me “Mommy killed me." But each time I ask my mom, she tells me I do not have any other siblings.

2. This is my life now: I can’t move, all I can smell are the fluids leaking from my face, and all I hear are footsteps. I should have been cremated instead.

3. I awake to a man dragging two bodies into my room and painting a message in blood onto the walls before sliding under my bed. I pretend to be asleep and spend hours squinting in the dark until I can make out the writing on the wall that reads: “I know you’re awake."

4. I found a picture on my phone of me sleeping last night. I live alone.

5. There was a small scratching noise coming from my window and I looked over to find a figure standing there. I live on the 13th floor.

6. I begin tucking my son into bed when he asks me, “Mommy, can you check for monsters under my bed.'' Rolling my eyes, I crotch down to check only to see him, another him whispering “mom.. There’s someone on my bed."

7. I hear a knocking on glass. At first, I think it’s coming from my window but then I realize it’s coming from my mirror.

8. You hear your mom calling you into her bedroom. As you walk down the hall, you hear a whisper coming from the closet saying “Stop, don’t go into my room, I heard it too. “

9. I have always had visions showing my life 1 year into the future. The visions stopped today.

10. The genie asked me what I wanted the most in the world and I told him I wanted my wife to be happy forever. Then, I started to feel myself fading away.

11. I woke up at 2am to hear Alexa speaking. “Ok, the security alarms have been disabled.”

12. I’m in bed when I feel a tingling sensation at my feet. When I begin to shift my feet, I feel the claws wrap tightly around my leg and it begins to pull me.

13. I moved in with a cute girl two months ago. I’ll be in real trouble if she ever finds out.

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